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The Day I thought I’d like to ride a Horse.

on August 8, 2012

My Nanny has been an inspiration to me all my life. Although I cannot physically see her anymore, I somehow feel sure that she is guiding me through this journey of recovery. I mentioned in my first post, that my Nanny loved nothing more than to be the centre of attention. You never had to ask her twice for a sing-song or a dance! She was absolutely brilliant and lit up any room on entrance.

When my sister and I were younger she would act out her poems to us. We have kept the scrappy bits of paper she wrote them on, and one day may try to get them published. This one below which I would like to share, is one of my favourites, and she would have everyone in fits of laughter when she delivered it. Reading it doesn’t do it justice, so I suggest saying it aloud to yourself with a big smile on your face – just as my Nanny would of.


I thought I’d like to ride a horse. Now that takes courage, as you know of course. So off to the stables one fine day, with piles of evidence to show me the way.

At the end of the lane was the farmers gate and that’s where I nearly sealed me fate. Horses! Tall, short, fat and lean and the biggest brute you’ve ever seen. I took one look and he glared at me, flashing his whites for me to see, up went his ears and he took a great leap. Oh, I shook like a jelly and slid in a heap. I took a deep breath and started to st st st stutter “I thought he fancied me for his su su su supper!

“Oh 14 year ole Billy be, so don’t ye be afraid of he. Now come on me dearie, up on his back”, but I hadn’t much faith in that frisky old hack. Up went his legs and I’m flat on the ground – well, wasn’t his fault I was the wrong way round! I lay down there with me eyes shut tight, seeing me epitaph ‘died in all fright’.

“Now come on me Dearie, try it again. Right way round, now grab hold his reigns.” But old Billy had spotted a clover; Down went his head and I shot over. Talk about bloomin luck; I landed in a pile of muck! This games not for me I was beginning to think when that saucy old horse gave a nod and a wink. Well, by this time, I was black and blue but I thought ‘right mate, I’ll show you who’s who.’ So up I climbed with a masterful force, but he’d a mind of his own that crafty old horse! Down that lane he shot like an arrow, when suddenly appeared a ruddy great barrow. Whoa I cried, but he wouldn’t stop, with a blood curdling ‘neigh’, he cleared the top.

Oh, what happened next? What happened next I hear you all say; As up to my neck in compost I lay. Well that old Farmer shook his fist in my face, “I’ll sue you for getting my Billy to race” ‘Me!’, Me!, oh to be back in my soft little bed, With an ice cold pack on my splitting head. So if its horse riding you’re wishing to take, Don’t let them kid you it’s a piece of cake. Old Billy, back in his stable is none the worse. But me, I need the attention of a gentle male nurse.


3 responses to “The Day I thought I’d like to ride a Horse.

  1. Muriel says:

    I knew your grandmother well. I could see and hear her reading this. She will always be with you Laura a whisper away. All love. Muriel

  2. Peta says:

    Reminded me of learning to ride. And the joys that can bring. I look forward to reading this blog every day my lovely. Thinking of you and sending so much luck and love
    P xxx

  3. Liz Orford says:

    Nanny would of been so proud of you sis. Muriel is right – she is just a whisper away. All my love, always, Lxxxxxxx

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